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General Footcare

General foot care includes treatment of nails and corns callus. Routine care keeps your feet healthy patients on EPC and DVA referrals are welcome.


Biomechanics is the way you walk and many problems can occur from poor biomechanics.


Many adult foot problems have their start in the early years. Children's foot health is essential for a long pain free walking life. 

Keeping You On Your Feet

Your total Podiatry Centre

Phoenix Podiatry treats all aspects of foot care from general Podiatry to Diabetic foot care to Biomechanics

Experience matters

Julie Goodall has been working as a Podiatrist since 1991. She has worked with elite athletes and high risk feet and is currently involved as a research Podiatrist for Queensland Health and James Cook University.

Person centred care

Every patient is different so every treatment is tailored to your own needs, Be assured you will get individual treatment from Julie and you will see her each time you come to the clinic.

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